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IncrEdible Earth products are as Green as possible and the best of the purest. The newer packaging is designed to leave a smaller footprint on the landscape. Rather than jars and bottles, we are now using recycled bags.
Simple instructions are included for anyone to easily make up the products at home and thereby keeping the prices lower and the environment cleaner.


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The Internationally Known

 Silver To Gold™ 





For the last 15 years, Silver To Gold™ has been the World's Healthiest Hair Color and Highlighter - Henna based with 13 herbs - nothing else! Originally designed by Golda Olivia Adams for Dr. Hulda Clark's cancer patients, this is a totally chemical-free herbal product that turns gray hair to blond in minutes. With carefully controlled herbal ratios the process takes what gray hair there is and turns it to blond while highlighting other natural colors of the hair. The degree of color is controlled by how many minutes it is left on - from light blond, to golden blond, to strawberry blond, to coppery blond. Just add hot water and vinegar. Depending on lifestyle, lasts 4-6 weeks while it gradually fades like sun-drenched highlights.
Contains Herb Paks, Gloves, Stir Stick & Instructions. 




 Comments :

Thank you for your hair color. It turns my 70% gray a nice blonde. I have received more compliments than ever before. Melonie

I can't imagine life without Silver to Gold! I have used it for over 10 years. I'd be lost without it. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. 
Frances in Utah

Thanks, don't EVER stop making this! :-)   Barb

I just want to let you know how much I really like Silver2Gold!  FINALLY a product that I can use and feel safe and happy with by coloring my graying hair, instead of all of my hair, and creating such a natural look in the process! 

My hair color is a medium shade of blonde, with strands of white now showing up over the past few years, and hues of grey mixing in.  I was a bit afraid of using a henna product, and going orange or red.  I left the mixture on for just under 2 minutes, and came out with beautiful results!   There are no hints of grey, and everything looks like natural blond highlights, like my own hair when I was in my 20's!.    Thanks so much, and I'm definitely ordering more!   ~Clare

I'm so satisfied with your product, my hair is healthier than ever (and also my scalp). Sandy  

Thank-you for your amazing product. I tried it for the first time this evening. I am stunned with the result. I have more 'salt' than 'pepper', and have grown sick and tired of coloring products that change the color of all of my hair and leave my hair straw like and brittle. I now have soft gentle golden strands where grey used to be, without altering the rest of my color. I will be purchasing again. I cannot believe I have not seen this product in Australia. The world needs to know about this!!!!
Thanks so much! Bless you all!
Perth, Australia

I am beyond thrilled!  This is truly an amazing product . . . I think I may have finally found the holy grail!  Christi



For the US ONLY:  (plus Shipping)    Non Refundable


Silver To Gold - Single            #S2G-US-1      $9.95


 Silver To Gold - Triple            #S2G-US-3     $24.85  



For International & Canada ONLY: (includes Shipping/Handling)   Non Refundable  

We cannot possibly analyze Custom rules for every country, therefore if your country does not accept herbal products, we cannot issue a refund if your order is not delivered due to your Custom's Department.
We cannot accept back for refund "Unclaimed" packages that were rejected by you because Customs sent you a notice for additional payments. 


Silver To Gold - Single - International ONLY          S2G-In1          $19.40 including shipping



Silver To Gold - Triple - International ONLY          S2G-In3           $37.70 including shipping



The Incredible Earth

There are 3 clays used for several applications - Gray, Green, and White:     
Gray Clay   (All-In-One) 
The popular food grade product called "All-In-One Clay Gel" is a veritable Goldmine of use as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, pain reliever, infections, bites, cuts, burns, bruises, facial, mousse, shaving, massage, lubricant, and detox for cleaning inside and outside. Fantastic appeal because of its neutral taste, and the vastness of its benefits. Definitely should be in every household for all sorts of care and emergencies. Research shows that clay is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic powerful agent that can absorb and draw radiation/chemicals/metals/waste products out of the body. Most cleanses rely on the immune system to rid toxins which is difficult for a compromised immunity to deal with the healing crisis. But clay bypasses this by just taking toxins into itself as it passes through. This is the best quality we have found anywhere. Its poultices are superior in adhering to skin.

The grey clay product sure has helped me when I get scrapes and cuts and bruising from working outside on the house, and my truck. It helps me to heal very quickly. Pastor John

FYI, I exposed myself to mercury vapor via a broken CFL bulb....containing 300 times the amount that is safe for human exposure, in just one bulb.  I wanted to let you know that after I inhaled the mercury vapor – I was just trying to clean up the hazardous material – my nose began to burn something awful.  It was in my throat too.  It was around 9:30pm and I felt like my nasal passages were on fire.  I remembered that I had just purchased the clay, so I gave myself a clay mask and I put some up my nostrils as far as was safe to easily wash out.  It was so soothing to the painful burning sensation from the mercury vapor.  The next day, I did a whole body mask, including hair and scalp.  It really helped.  I’m really grateful that I had your All-In-One clay on hand.  Blessings, S .... RMT 

Montmorillonite Food Grade 1 cup dry clay assayed for purity with instructions for 3 of the 16oz jars.

#GRY          $11.90


Green Clay 

Facial Masque - Brings glowing health to the face in weekly clay masques that protect the skin by deep-cleaning the pores. Not only effective for teenage skin problems but terrific for mature skin.  
Cleansing Bath -
Gives one of the cleanest feelings in the world! For metal and chemical detoxification which is a needed weekly tradition in these times. A modest 1/3 cup works wonders. 

French Green Illite Milled 1 cup dry clay with instructions to make 8-16 masques and/or 1-3 baths. 

#GRN          $9.85

White Clay Mix  

Enjoy the absolute purity with freedom from any sort of chemicals from one mix for these many delights:

Silky Sea Soap No smells! Non-foaming liquid clay. A joy to have at every sink and in every shower. Great veggie wash. No harmful residue left on skin, food or dishes.

Silky Sea Shampoo Non-foaming - no sodium laurel sulfate. Soap and shampoo combo for the shower.

Silky Sea Massage Lotion
Oil Free - Innovative Style Massage. Feels just like silk while removing toxins. Damp wipe off or do a "body masque" for an extraordinary sensation.

I use the white clay for shaving and it works very, very well and is better than "foam." Also, I use the clay to wash my and hair and body with which was different at first but now I use it all the time and with more confidence, knowing I am not getting any bad chemicals with it. Jonathan

French White Kaolin Medicinal Clay, Food-Grade Kelp Alginate and High Grade Zinc Oxide (mined direct from the earth) with instructions to hydrate and yields about 3 of the 12oz bottles.

 #WHT          $15.87 

Sweet Purity Clay Toothpaste

A special blend that does wonders for the care of the mouth. Helps remove plaque and clostridium bacteria. When too tired to brush just put a dab in the mouth before bed.  Packaged in a dry clay mix. Simply add water in a blender to make up an adequate supply that could last one person for a year!

Dear Incredible Earth,
      The last two years my 5 year old daughter and I have had dental problems despite consistent brushing and flossing, healthy diets and very little sugar consumption. Two weeks before my daughter's last cleaning, we started using the Sweet Purity Clay toothpaste. Immediately after brushing, I was impressed at how smooth my teeth felt - like they had just been cleaned by my hygienist. The next morning, I was impressed again because my daughter did not have the horrible morning breath that had become normal for her. Our teeth also lightened considerably. Then at her cleaning, her hygienist found practically no plaque - a first! Two weeks later I also had my cleaning and was pronounced virtually plaque-free!
      I am delighted that we now have a tool in our oral hygiene arsenal that is both effective and health-building. Thank you!
Best wishes, Cynthia

Clays, Zinc Oxide, Earth Salt with instructions.  

#TOOTH          $14.58



White Chocolate Moisturizer

The ultimate in purity for wrinkles, roughness, scaling, and UV damage w
ith that Heavenly Scent! Cocoa flavanols improve blood flow and vessel function. Research suggests that massaging skin with cacao butter helps relieve stress and boost immunity. Take a chunk and rub it on your skin after washing with warm water.  

Organic, Raw, Kosher, Cacao Butter Only! Total of 75 grams in chunk form.

#MOIST          $12.85




Kidney Cleansing Tea

Known by herbalists for helping high blood pressure and pain in mid to lower back all the way down to the toes and from the elbows down.

Organic Wild-crafted Kosher - Marshmallow Root, Ginger Root, Hydrangea Root, Gravel Root, Parsley Root with Uva Ursi Leaves and detailed instructions for a 6 week cleanse.  

#TEA          $19.00



Pure & Powerful Deodorant

Simply mined straight from the earth, zinc is the core ingredient in deodorants. No need to add anything since it works fantastic as is. Or damp-rub on nose for sun screen or use as concealer for blemishes or swallow a dab for a sore throat!

High Grade Zinc Oxide 1/2 cup powder. Dab moistened fingertips in and apply. 

#DEOD          $6.54


 Saint's Diet
Cooking with Dr. Clark
The HCG Alternative Leptin Rich Diet
For Exuberant Energy & Health & Fast Weight Loss

  Now Available for Vegetarians and Fruitarians Also!

Whether seriously sick, forever tired, hopelessly depressed, allergic to everything or immensely overweight there is no diet in the world that has such an effective kaleidoscope of concepts woven into it that can even compare to The Saint’s Diet. This diet reveals foods that specifically inflame the hypothalamus, which other diets use as standard supports, such as coffee and green tea. It shows the irony of using thermogenic stimulants. It goes to the absolute taproot of weight issues. It bypasses all the useless willpower pep talks with a superior sustainable process capable of liberating one from a lifelong nightmare of food addiction.

Excess fat will torment every system in the body with false hormonal signaling. For this reason, the real danger in dieting has been in not understanding how to access the sustainability of weight loss and in not realizing that every last bit of excess fat needs to be released in order for the body to find rest in a hormonal balance. Settling for losing some or even most of the excess weight will only prolong a life-long teeter-totter ride.

The Saint’s Diet is a 500-calorie a day diet that is designed to leave one feeling overly full at first to develop a comfort zone for those who are constantly receiving a false hormonal hunger signal. Best of all it achieves this with menus that include all organic spaghetti, chili, stroganoff, pasta, steak, chow mein, burgers and teriyaki while causing a weight loss of 1/2 to 1 pound of pure fat (not water or muscle) almost every day.

The supplemental homeographic Saint’s Diet Drops act just like an oral HCG alternative but without the drug side effects since they are made following Dr. Hulda Clark’s precise protocols - they are merely pure water infused with the proprietary formula  frequency. Though this diet uses a few components of the HCG diet it is far better in every respect. And it accomplishes this without any chemicals, thus this premier diet for purists is called The Saint’s Diet - and includes prayer and scripture support materials as well.

Without the drops one would tend to feel starved after about 3 days of starting out on a 500-calorie diet. But the drops helps one to release those previously hard-to-lose fat deposits and without having to take breaks like on the chemical HCG diet. Those fat deposits are full of protein, vitamins and minerals that when they are burned for fuel will sustain the body of the dieter even more so than the actual food consumed from the diet.

The Saint’s Diet is a nutrient-rich, toxin-reducing, immune-stimulating diet system – a bridge from one world into another. Intended for those who have never been able to lose weight and/or keep it off, it is also for the immune challenged and those who would like to follow Dr. Clark's suggestions but just do not know what to eat. It is a dieting prototype, orchestrated using extraordinary research, garnered from three pioneering areas:

          * Dr. Hulda Clark’s work in toxin-causing inflammation/disease with a focus on hypothalamus antigens.

          * Dr. Simeon’s HCG discoveries regarding resistant fat deposits concluding obesity is a disease of the hypothalamus making people fat regardless if they eat normally or less than normal.

          * Research on the Leptin hormone that directs hypothalamus communications.

Leptin (which many doctors don’t yet know about) controls all other hormones, metabolism, immunity, energy and appetite. Leptin is made by the fat cells, thereby making fat a vital organ, rather than some evil to liposuction out of the body. When a healthy person eats, the leptin levels rise, and appetite falls. But an overweight person is stuck in leptin overdrive, and not able to access leptin – similar to insulin resistance. 

There are two parallel worlds with two separate sets of information. The one is an old world full of sugar burners with which everyone is all too familiar – with its highs and lows of blood sugar, energy levels, moods, pains, depression, failing health, etc. The new world is sparsely populated with leptin balanced fat burners and in it is found answers . . . not the answer of a Magic Pill but rather a timed biological chemical warfare to liberate the body back to its natural rhythm.

For the follow-up and maintenace stage after The Saints Diet - The God Food Diet is the ultimate diet for sustaining health - ebook available on Amazon and paperback at


Moved along nicely with the diet at about 3 pounds a week for eleven weeks. It was all mapped out so I looked forward to preparation of and dining on every meal. When I first read the book, it effected me in the way that things do when I know they are important for me to pay attention to. And indeed, it was surely a blessing. I just noticed a news item about movie stars doing large weight losses for roles. When I read the details of how they did it I was horrified!!! They need to know about this diet! 
Susan Manola

And good news, since my husband & I did your wife's diet she designed we have kept the weight off.  FYI, we started the diet Oct, 2011, and finished March 2012, so about 6 months.  PTL. Pastors John & Joyce

Wow, it took me 6 months from January 17th until July 10th to lose all the weight! I went from 230 to 144. I lost 87 pounds. All glory to God! Veronica

I did very well on the Saint's Diet, and got to my set point on day 42. The recipes were delicious. I really enjoyed all of them and its really helped me to eat better. I have regular meals now and always on a plate! Nan

The Saint's Diet  
World's healthiest diet plan was $250 - now recreated in a self-help book.

Paperback   $15.50 at

e-Book   $9.99 at  

You can download a free e-Book application for your PC or Mac computer.
The e-Book can't accommodate for the Charts in the paperback so you can order them below.

The Saint's Diet - Color Charts Menus & Recipes for e-book    

These are also helpful for the paperback since they have the color recipes in plastic sheet protectors. 
#SEChart          $15 

Items used on the Saint's Diet:

Saint's Diet Drops - HCG Homeographic - for 4 Weeks  
#STDD      $25 


Saint’s Immunity Drops - MMS Homeographic - 4 Weeks     

#STIM       $15  

Kelp Alginate

Derived entirely from sea kelp with a soothing and cleansing effect on the digestive tract. It's seen in research to help remove toxic and radioactive metals and to also encourage normal elimination. Excellent for low-carb diets to replace starches for thickening gravies, smoothies, etc.

Kelp Sodium Alginate 1 cup                  

#ALG          $17.52

Saint's Cocoa

Highest Antioxidant and
Serotonin Food. One ounce has 42% DV of Magnesium! Just add a little Stevia Powder to sweeten.

Raw Organic Cacao Powder 1 cup

#COPOW          $7.39          

Slippery Elm

Used by Dr. Clark for her patients as it soothes the whole intestinal tract and helps elimination. Adds a malty taste to desserts! 

Raw Wild-crafted Kosher Slippery Elm Powder 1 cup

#ELM          $9.34            

Maca Marvel

Happy Hormones! Referred to in research as the natural Hormone Replacement Therapy. Famous as a mild herbal Viagra. Also helps menstrual/menopausal symptoms. Said to affect every area from mental clarity to physical stamina. Also shown effective in fighting addictions.

Kosher Raw Organically Grown Maca Powder 1 cup
 #MACA          $9.62          

Saint's Café

Kicking caffeine? Research does show Maca can be effective for fighting addiction plus its natural Hormone Replacement Therapy affect may help the transition. Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water for a coffee alternative.

Kosher Organically Grown Roasted Maca 1 cup

#MACR          $10.84          

Earth Salt

A Buried Treasure for t
he Healthier than Sea Salt Alternative.
Dr. Clark in her research found sea salt to be highly contaminated. Yet salt from ancient sea beds has been preserved under the earth from damaging modern contaminants.

Salt from Ancient Sea Beds 1 cup from the USA

#SALT          $7.35           

Stevia Leaf

Raw unprocessed Green Stevia herb is the purest way to go for all recipes.

Organic Kosher Whole Stevia 1 cup

#STCT          $6.32        

Green Stevia Powder

The easiest way to go - just sprinkle in a drink or on top of food.

Organic Green Unrefined Kosher Stevia Powder 1 cup

#STPO          $6.16         

Saints Spice Tea

A modified Parasite Cleanse version of Dr. Hulda Clark’s Buski Tea for those who don’t like or
tolerate black walnut tincture (gluten grain alcohol), pills, MMS or apricot seeds or just want a healthy tasting beverage. Said to be powerful enough to go after “hiding places” that normal parasite cleanses can’t reach like eye muscles, jawbone, spine, etc. Divided into convenient bags for the proper timing of adding individual herbs for potency.

Raw Organic Kosher Coriander Seed, Anise Seed, Fennel Seed, Cloves, Nutmeg, Stevia for Eight Weeks

#TEAPA          $19.00        


Saint's Bread - Energy Bar

Ever heard of the "Cookie Diet"?

Surpassing all others in pure ingredients. Giving amazing energy, the Saint’s Bread is a Cleansing Diet for Purists! Saint’s Bread tastes like a chocolate health bar. Imagine the feeling of eating the purest most nutrient dense raw food available. It is gluten-free and organic ingredients. Even the seaweed is OCIA certified organic being harvested only in pure pockets of water in the US and pre-tested for heavy metals, PCBs, pesticides, etc.
Every week a large frond of kelp is consumed. And finally, any contamination of manufactured products is eliminated plus detailed directions help avoid self-imposed contamination.

Each ingredient is selected for its contribution to hormonal balance, “serotonin happiness”, the highest white blood cell continuous activity, EFAs, antioxidant activity, and vitamin/mineral content focusing on those which are most often deficient - Vitamin C, iodine and magnesium (raw cacao contains one of the highest magnesium contents of any food). And it is ground fresh daily to get the maximum bio-availability of the rose hip / Vitamin C content which according to Dr. Clark would contain over 8,000 mg.

Saint's Bread was inspired by Dr. Clark's latest research on Vitamin C for stimulating innumerable aspects of immunity. And, according to Dr. Clark, peanut butter has the germanium, and coconut the selenium, that along with the rosehips constitutes the food necessary for white blood cell's which then sends them on a feeding frenzy to clean up the body. So every 5 hours they are given their ammunition!

The energy boost is unusual in that most cleansing programs yield healing fatigue. But if one portion is taken at breakfast, lunch and dinner (5 hours apart) the body is beautifully cared for by preventing that energy slump and ravenous rage. Most of the battle is chemistry rather than willpower. New leptin research shows that eating between meals (even a bite of something healthy) keeps the body in a constant sugar-burning mode that leads to cravings and disease.  

Note: A coffee grinder or powerful blender is needed to grind ingredients. And peanut butter (or raw nut butter) must be added with raw coconut oil.

Ingredients: All Organic and Kosher: Cacao Nibs, Rosehips, Golden Flax Seed, Coconut Chips,
Stevia Leaf Plus Organic Kelp Fronds.  

A 7-Day pre-assembled Pak for a full week.     

#STBAR          $34.95          


I have been using the Saint's Bread bars along with adding all of the recommended herbs twice a day for the last 2 years. Every morning I grab a frozen bar for breakfast (I discovered right away that they are very tasty and chewable while frozen) and then another one after lunch. They are an awesome replacement for sweets/desserts and I always look forward to them. Health wise, the Saint Bars appear to provide me the necessary nutrients/supplements because I have not experienced any illness or ailments that most people face.  Also, I feel fantastic at 60 and my ideal weight of 124 lbs has remained stable. No doctor visits have been made to treat any illness in the last few years and my recent blood work has proved that I am in good health with no issues. I am thankful for the creators of the Saint's Bread and I credit my amazing health to them. Thank you! 


To create your own recipe with all Raw Organic :

Cacao - Raw Chocolate                   #CHOC         2 cups           $10.80          

Rosehips - Organic                                 #RSHP         2 cups           $10.08         

Golden Flax - Organic                        #FLAX          1 cup              $5.74          

Kelp Flakes - Rare Organic            #KELP          2 cups            $7.46         

Coconut Chips - Rare Raw             #COCC        2 cups             $8.98         

Stevia Leaf - Organic                       #STCT         1 cup               $6.32          



These can be added and / or rotated in each month i.e. 1/4 t Bilberry for eyes, 2 t Maca for hormones, 1/2 t Olive Leaf for viruses, 1/2 t Horsetail (Shavegrass) for skin, hair, nails, 1/2 t Ginkgo Biloba Leaf for brain, memory, 1/2 t Pau D Arco for bacteria, fungus, 1/2 t Hydrangea Root for kidneys, 1/2 t Milk Thistle Seed for liver, 7 Apricot Seed Kernels for lungs, 2 t dried Reishi Mushroom for parasites, immunity, allergies, etc.

Organic Apricot Pits                   #APRC        1 cup            $7.51        

Organic Ginkgo Biloba               #GINK         1 cup            $5.86         



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